Buying a Myanmar Shirt Factory named T.I Garment Co., Ltd


Set up Cherry Apparel(Myanmar)Company Ltd


NO 76 of Qingdao Top 100 Enterprises in 2018

NO 27 of Qingdao Tertiary Industry Enterprises

Credit degree of “AAA” by Qingdao Enterprise Credit Certifying Commission


Set up China Glory Apparel Co., Ltd according to the strategy of moving production bases to Southwest China


Acquire factory in Vietnam according to the strategy of setting up production bases in Southeast Asia


Get the reward of “Outstanding Contribution Enterprise in Textile and Garment Import and Export Industry in 2011”


NO.1 of Chinese Export of Textile and Clothing to the United States in 2009

NO.16 of China Clothing Export Enterprises in 2009

China Top 50 Women’s Wear Enterprises in 2009

China TOP 500 Tertiary Industry Enterprises in 2009


The company finalized privatization and changed its name to Cherry Group Co., Ltd


The company’s name changed to Shandong Cherry Group Corporation

1986 July 1st

Separate from Textile Import& Export Company and set up Shandong Garment Import and Export Co., Ltd

1986 June 30 and before

Cherry Group’s history could be traced back to 1986, at that time Cherry Group was the garment branch of Textile Import and Export Company